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Qiwary Inovasi Teknologi or QINTI is a software development company specializing in mobile app for business and education. We believe that mobile world, technology and content, will be more and more changing and enhancing how people do their business and get education. We want to be the part of it and will do our best to enrich the mobile world with our products, services and solutions. Our team consists of experienced mobile app designers, UX & graphic designers, educational software experts, mobile & web programmers and marketers. Together we try to make mobile apps that help people leveraging their business and education in an intuitive and productive way. We started to put everything together in October 2012, and now we have 8 products to show off.


  • View.In

    Web & Mobile App
  • ITB.o.a.r.d

    Mobile App
  • InstantExam

    Web & Mobile App
  • digle

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  • ITB.o.o.k

    Mobile App
  • Bandung.Qiwary

    Web & Mobile App
  • ITB.M.a.g.z

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  • InstantReport

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    The Nebula Center
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